2021 Adult Memberships
Mid-Season Membership Special

Play the last half of the summer and great fall golf for a reduced rate!

  • Adult | $599
  • Intermediate | $399

Please Note: Discounted rates are only available through purchase at King’s Walk Pro Shop.

Adult Single Season Membership
$1025.00 (plus tax)

Unlimited golf for one adult, all season, at both King’s Walk and Lincoln Golf Course.

AM Player Season Membership
$795.00 (plus tax) - 5-Day Pass

Unlimited golf for one adult (Monday-Friday) before noon at King’s Walk and unlimited golf all season at Lincoln Golf Course.

Intermediate Season Membership 19-25 Yrs. Old
$525 (plus tax)

Unlimited golf, all season, at King’s Walk and Lincoln Golf Course for player age 19-25 years old.

*First payment due at sign-up, other billings of equal proportions withdrawn every 30 days until paid in full. Any applicable taxes will be applied on the shopping cart page.